Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wolves In The Throne Room - Review

Don't be put off! I know it has the word 'Wolves' in the title but don't worry this isn't going to be a 'XO' ridden self loving/loathing article about photography in black and white or pictures from the Divine Comedy so don't push that reset button! I saw Wolves In The Throne Room play on the Monday just gone, and despite having a few technical errors, they were awesome. I'm not going to spout off about how much I love Black Metal, because the truth is I don't listen to that much, and the BM bands I do listen to Ive liked, but in no way do I call myself a NWOBM fan or a Black Metal die hard. Ive just listened to a few records here and there, and its alright stuff.

Back to my main point, which was the show. It was a three band line up and on first were Roman Showers, a relatively new Brighton band. They weren't listed on the flyer so I was completely oblivious to the fact they were playing. I had met the singer at a Mob Rules show a few weeks before and he is a sound dude, with a sweet MITB shirt. They had groove and blast and a bass part that sounded like it was straight from a Sleep track, in a good way. Brighton Crust favourites Fall Of Efrafa return after not playing a show since Battle Of Wolf 359 at the Cowley Club which was like fucking months ago. Starting of with a new epic which was around the 15 minute mark perhaps, but I cant help but feel it was a tad self indulgent, yet bareable. Whilst tuning up Mikey (Bass) and George (Drums) played some filler which, I doubt if it was intentional sounded like that Massive Attack song, you know the genric car advert one. They returned with a fast D-Beat track, off one of their newest record (The one before the lastest release) which gave most punks sore necks the next day.

So as I wrote earlier, WITTR had some technical errors which meant their sampler was feed backing in the moniters creating the worst fucking sound in your ear, so they scraped the intro, which was a let down because I bet it was so awesome. Nevermind. Despite that they had brought a smoke machine and lit lots of candles to create atmoshpere so it was'nt too greater loss. So lights off, candles lit, on with the show. WITTR were incredible, and fuck yeah they played the best song of Two Hunters 'I Will Lay Down My Bones Among the Rocks and Roots' so i was grining my face of, not having anything to do with the joints blazed before hand. Playing tracks of both albums it would have pleased any owner of either both albums or just one of the two releases, for all songs blended into a melody of sweetness and bitter darkness. Fucking two thumbs up!

Good selection of Vinyl and CD on the WITTR table, aswell as a CD distro of other Black Metal bands they had brought with them, General tour shirt with dates back print and the ones you can buy from Southern Lord were also available. Both Two Hunters and Diadem Of 12 Stars were on CD and 12" and a limited edition tour record which was a picture disc. Back patch of the Two Hunters cover was on sale too.
I did'nt check out Fall Of Efrafa's table, I guess i had seen it all before. Roman Showers had no Demos.

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I got WITTR - Diadem Of 12 Stars 12" (First pressing, and theres only three left from the orginal press, go me!) and a shirt, I am now a size medium, I am becoming Man.


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