Thursday, June 25, 2009

Now we know!

Locals Only

The guys from the Local have a blogspot, some good videos and talent. Check in now and again to see whats going on down goon and to find more infomation about the shit.

Just a few tasters..

Five Greats

These are just a few of my favourite records of all time, Its cheesy, its very sad, but fuck it. Disagree? fuck you then. There in no old favourites or current favourite order, there just rad.

Converge - Jane Doe

The Jane Doe card might be over played? Nah its still got its charm. I got this cd when I just left school after GCSE's, Me and my mate Ant would go skating sometimes and bring our CD walkman and plug it into these tiny little speakers and just chill, to the most un-chilled album ever. Good times.

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ISIS - Oceanic

Sweet band, I introduced this band to my friend once and he showed me bands like Envy and Meat Puppets and he threw in a load of other mental bands, he used to run the radio station at his uni, which was cool. But back to my point this record is important to me because it was like a new door to newer types of metal bands, slower and more experimental. It was cool because I saw this friend of mine at a Torche show, and we hadnt seen eachother in ages, we still get the same buzz about this Isis album.

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Mind Eraser - Glacial Reign

I cant even begin to count how many times ive listened to this one. If I were to order all my favourite albums into genres, this would be my favourite hardcore record. It fast, its slow and its heavy as fuck. Boston straight edge band Mind Eraser have everything I enjoy about music in a band. Sure they are the underground 'hype' band but whats not to like? By the way I dont get Sex/Vid, I dont get it.

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Floor - S/T

You like Torhce, your into The Melvins, but you gotta hear Floor, If you dont know them. Sludgey metal, with a almost Garage sound featuring members of Torhce, this was their first band now split up. Sounds almost (in places) like Weezer if they wrote heavier music, But not as good, still Weezer are good. Its catchy, its mellow and tuned to G I think, I could be wrong. But its DOWNTUNED. Has songs about having sex with underage boys, and Twinks with some pretty funny lyrics its a very enjoyable listen gay or not. That last sentence makes me sound gay.

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Cursed - Two

Chaotic sounds from Canada, best live band of 2008 for me. Like what a mentioned earlier about Mind Eraser, this album has it all. So physched when I bought this, Its got the sweetest production sound which makes it sound so intense. When they played in Brighton the promoter of the show lived up the road from me and Cursed stayed with him on the last, and sadly final tour. I left my house to go to work the day after the show and Chris from Cursed was walking down my street and noticed the Cursed shirt I was sporting. He stopped and we spoke for a bit it was a good start to the day, actually it was fucking awesome.

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Monday, June 22, 2009


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As you may or may not know, it was Go Skate Day yesterday. So some of us 'Gooners' decided to put on a lil jam. I didnt get out of work till around 4 so it had already kicked off, but I was there for the best trick and the BBQ. There should be a YT video coming out soon, but the day was excellent, Props to Liam Teague and Walters for runnin' the show and to Stevie Thompson for bringing down some prizes. Louies Antoines won the best trick with a flip bs tail down the rail, It was insane. By the way the only way to eat a burger now is to have Pastey cook it for you and cover it in 'Level Sauce'. More info to come!

Yeah, he knows.

Metal Monday

In no real order, just 5 rippin' records from Black to Death to Thrash to Grind to etc...Who cares?

Celtic Frost - Morbid Tales

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Darkthrone - The Cult Is Alive

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Nice rack 'n all!

Over Kill - Years Of Decay

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Bathory - Blood Fire Death

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Oden rides a Skateboard.

Entombed - When In Sodom

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See the World through Sodom eyes

Infest 1987-2002

What can I say that hasnt been said before, I read that Deep Six are putting out a full discography maybe next year, but they've been promising that for a while now. This is the closest thing to a full discography.

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Some dude is selling a bootleg discography on Ebay, that hasnt got all the Infest tracks, so if you want pretty much every track its this one right here!


The Repos - The Collection

Complete discography, one hour eight mintues and forty three seconds of hardcore inspired by the likes of Septic Death, early Jerrys Kids, and Youth Of Today.

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Get it here.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dry Rot

Nasty, gritty, hardcore punk, you should check em out.

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Take my word for it...

Fat, Mexican, Darkthrone cover, Acoustic.

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Toonz -

Bad Brains - Banned In D.C
Biggie - Ready To Die
Wolves In The Throne Room - Two Hunters
MF Doom - Mm Food

Think I Care

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One of my favourite Boston hardcore bands, I'll upload Mongrel at some point, Im short on time today.

Draw The Lines
World Ayslum
Split with Fucked Up (live)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

''It will be mine..Oh yes it will be mine''

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8 X 32 - 8 Inches of GNAR

Still The Best

This was the first skate video I ever saw, Its my first love.

Dropdead/ Crossed Out Split

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Like fast hardcore? Then dont even think about skipping past this one! Probably the best Power Violence split ever pressed. Dont have it GET IT.

All go, No slow

Massgrav/Diskonto Split.

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Faster than the Falcon Hardcore from Europe and Asia. Havent a clue what they are singing about and if they were speaking Enlgish, I couldnt keep up. This will be a enjoyable listen. You know the drill.


Mind Eraser - Live In Toronto

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A sounboard recording from a Fucked Up Halloween show. Set includes a Black Sabbath cover, Madball cover, and a Siege cover. GET INTO IT NOW! (By the way you'll have to right click and save target as)


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Brue Killaz

I need a beer.

RJ Ipath Promo

One of the most inventive Skaters out there today.


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Boston's very own Crossed Out worship, where have they gone and what are they doing these days? If you've never heard them before and like it short fast and loud this is the perfect band for you. The band have a got a release on Painkiller Record (Next to 625 and Prank probably the best independent label in hardcore today) which is now on its third pressing. They also have tracks recorded for new and unknown record thats been floating around the web. If you like what you hear go buy the S/T from Painkiller Records.

Rumor has it that the new LP is coming out on Painkiller Records some time soon!

S/T 7"
New LP

Weekend Nachos - Unforgivable

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The latest release from Chicagos crushing Hardcore band, 12 songs of relentless anger and hard as stone breakdowns, a must own for any fast negative Hardcore fans.
This is a vinyl rip so the quality isnt too great and a few tracks get cut short, but its all I could find so it will have to do for the time being. I suggest you go buy it!