Thursday, December 31, 2009

3 Years later.

Got together with the raddest girl I know on this very day. Love.

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dirty Money RIP

Its a sad day for UKHC. This band totally held the flag for Hardcore in England, You will be dearly missed. Some of the best shows Ive been to have been seeing this band tear it up, so much fun. If you dont know, where have you been? 2006 - 2009 The Dirty Money.

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The almost end of year round up

This post is going to basically include the records to sum up my 2009 and movies and books and blah blah etc... Lets be honest I'm not going to be on here new years eve posting out stuff, not that many people read it anyway but for those who dabble on my page from time to time will know what ruined my mind in 2009. Yes, it is only December 6th a 'wee bit hasty' but Ive actually got stuff to do sometimes, and I'm pretty certain I'm going to be busy on NYE. Also take note that a lot of the stuff I have been listening to this year Is already up on this blog, so I'm not going to put it up twice.

THE MUSIC (not in particular order and not just releases from 2009)

Crossed Out - Discography
Mind Eraser - Conscious, Unconscious
Doom - Born Like This
Mob Rules - The Donor
Boris with Merzbow - Rock Dream
Haymaker - S/T
Iron Lung/Hatred Surge - 7"
Arcade Fire - Funeral
Bad Brains - Build A Nation
Darkthrone - F.O.A.D
Dirty Money/Trapped Under Ice - Split
Wu Tang Clan - Enter The Wu Tang (36 Chambers)
Look Back And laugh - S/T
Pissed Jeans - King Of Jeans
Punch - Eyeless EP
Weekend Nachos - Punish And Destroy
California Love - Cant Waste Death
Harms Way - S/T
Envy - Insomniac Doze
Sleep - Holy Mountain


The Road - Cormac Mcarthy
The Rule Of Two - Drew Karpyshyn
Maximum Rock 'N Roll - Too many contribtuers
The Silmarillion - JRR Tolkien
Lords Of Chaos - Michael Moynihan, Didrik Søderlind
Thrasher - Always
Niche Homo - No idea who writes it
Metal: The Defintive Guide - Gary Sharpe Young
Star Wars - Tales Of The Jedi - Darkhorse Comics
Calvin And Hobbes (all) - Bill Watterson

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The Devils Backbone - Guillermo Del Toro
Shawshank Redemption - Frank Darabont
Ratatouille - Brad Bird (no joke)
Risky Business - Paul Brickman
Weird Science - John Hughes
Ferris Bueller's Day Off - John Hughes
Curb Your Enthusiam
Modern Family
Family Guy
Powell - Fun
Creature - Born Dead
Lakai - Fully Flared
Consolidated - Going Bannas
All Stereo promos
Brighten - SLIM
Nike SB - Debacle

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Level Sauce - Revised and tested!

This is more of a summer thing...but your out chilling and skating with your crew, beers flowing of course. You want to vacate to the beach get your dine with a fine disposable BBQ on and to relax after a good days skate, but you want a lil gourmet sauce for your meal of whats most probably an 8 pack of burgers from Iceland (which taste like shit) but If your anything like me, you got no cash flow. How you gonna flavour that shit up on low income? By making Level Sauce. Now I've had the basic version of this before and I've tried all sort of combinations. I think I've found the perfect mix.

*You will need to prepare and bring these things with you in advance unless you can buy all these things when your out, rich boy*


- A big empty plastic bottle
- 3 bottles of Bud (not light pussy)
- A bottle of Ketchup
- Got Peri-Peri sauce? Fuck it whack that in too.
- Mustard
- A table spoon Tabasco sauce (add more if you like the spice)
- A few glugs of Lea & Perins
- If you want to add any herbs or spices on impulse, do it.

You can always add stuff into the mix if you want, to be honest it does kinda change every time I make it so give and take a little if you want. Depending on how much sauce your gonna need empty the Buds into the plastic bottle and then add all the other shit in with it. Screw the lid back onto the bottle and shake well. Hopefully it would all mix together into a reddish orange looking liquid. You want to make it kinda thick so that its more of a thickish sauce rather than a runny shit look alike. So just add more mustard or ketchup. Once its all mixed, pour that shit onto a almost cooked burger and when it done start eating. Sounds rank but trust the chef its good eatin'.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Im convinced

I'm convinced that me and Rick Howard would get on, like we'd like hang out. It would never happen, but in the meantime get into his section from Plan B's first video (1992) 'Questionable'. Hail 90's Skateboarding. And Skateboarding all together.

Life after death

Ive now seen two dead bodies this year. PSYCHED. I'm not phased though I have a slightly morbid fascination about the after life and a part of me is kind of excited to see whats beyond our world. I hope I get to hang out with everyone I knew in my life again. We'll see.

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