Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Level Sauce - Revised and tested!

This is more of a summer thing...but your out chilling and skating with your crew, beers flowing of course. You want to vacate to the beach get your dine with a fine disposable BBQ on and to relax after a good days skate, but you want a lil gourmet sauce for your meal of whats most probably an 8 pack of burgers from Iceland (which taste like shit) but If your anything like me, you got no cash flow. How you gonna flavour that shit up on low income? By making Level Sauce. Now I've had the basic version of this before and I've tried all sort of combinations. I think I've found the perfect mix.

*You will need to prepare and bring these things with you in advance unless you can buy all these things when your out, rich boy*


- A big empty plastic bottle
- 3 bottles of Bud (not light pussy)
- A bottle of Ketchup
- Got Peri-Peri sauce? Fuck it whack that in too.
- Mustard
- A table spoon Tabasco sauce (add more if you like the spice)
- A few glugs of Lea & Perins
- If you want to add any herbs or spices on impulse, do it.

You can always add stuff into the mix if you want, to be honest it does kinda change every time I make it so give and take a little if you want. Depending on how much sauce your gonna need empty the Buds into the plastic bottle and then add all the other shit in with it. Screw the lid back onto the bottle and shake well. Hopefully it would all mix together into a reddish orange looking liquid. You want to make it kinda thick so that its more of a thickish sauce rather than a runny shit look alike. So just add more mustard or ketchup. Once its all mixed, pour that shit onto a almost cooked burger and when it done start eating. Sounds rank but trust the chef its good eatin'.

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