Thursday, January 28, 2010

Last Witness - An Unfinished Life

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London stand down.

About the album:

This album was recorded during March / April 2008. Although we had intended to release it immediately, we encountered numerous problems along the way and in the end the album never saw the light of day. In September 2009, after over a year of dormancy and the unmixed tracks remaining on various studios' hard drives - we decided to finish mixing and release the album. We had originally recorded 11 songs, but only 8 have made the cut - we figured it's better to release 8 good songs than 11 average songs, right?

As of this moment, we do not have any long terms plans. We have made the record available for free download for anyone that wants to hear it, and all that we ask in return is that you come to a show if you can, pick up a tshirt and support the bands playing.

We hope you enjoy the record and please, let us know what you think.


- Last Witness



Sonar like SOO GNAR.

Dropdead - Discography

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A must have for any hardcore fan, up in my book as one of the most influential bands. Now these things say that they are discographies but they never are, im pretty sure its not a 'Complete Discography' but still. It does not have the tracks from the bands more recent splits with LBAL but none the less its still got a lot of songs and is still a mandatory download.

Tracklist :

Bullshit Tradition
A Nation Sleeps
Do You Choose Life?
At The Cost Of An Animal
I Will Defy
Army Of Hate
You Have A Voice
Fucking Assholes
Strength In Your Conviction
Nazi Atrocities
Monument To Stupidity
Unjustified Murder
The Circle Complete
Only A Fool
Life In Chains
Stolen Life
Chosen Path
Wake Of Deception
Washed Away
New World Slaughter
Fucking Assholes Part 2
No Glory
Doorway To Extinction
Direct Action
Wound Runs Deep
Living In Fear
End The Slaughter
Truth Behind
Legacy Of Death
Still You Follow Blindly

Don't fuck about.

Angry Samoans - Return To Samoa

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My ol' mates dad showed us The Angry Samoans on his 16Th birthday if I remember right. Some bizarre reditions of Matchstick men and Wild Thing all in all a charming album.

Wild thing..put your face..In..In my penis!

The Mire - Volume I

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For fans of ISIS, Mare etc.. They've put this up for download so I guess its cool that I link this to you.


Lion Of Judah

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Universal Peace

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Soul Power

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Good HarDCore, I got to see these guys on their last UK tour a while back with Dirty Money, what fucking rad show, shame there aint more bands like this one, easily one my top 20 bands. Enjoy!

A Tribe Called Quest - Low End Theory

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Face to Face - S/T

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90's punk rock at its finest. For fans of Hot Water Music/Jawbreaker you know those kind of bands...