Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Earth And James Blackshaw

In this church....Unreal...baked just enough...Perfect.

I'll write some more about this when I can think about something to say which doesnt make me sound like one of the pretentious writers from Plan B Magazine or like im trying too hard to be smart, because im thick as shit.

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Orthodox - Amancer en Puerta Oscura
Thrones - Sperm Whale
Neil Young - Harvest
Breaking X Point - Demo
Punch - Eyeless EP
Venom - Skeletons In The Closet

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I got Slack

Ive been on holiday in Italy and also doing shit loads of overtime and I haven't had the chance to upload or put up anything new. SRH is rising like no other thats pretty much the 'headlines' today and its RAD, There was a show in Nottingham on Sunday, (Reign Supreme, 50 lions, Dirty Money, Cold Snap, Hang The Bastard) and some other bands that were shit. Bands mentioned smashed it though, Cold Snap reaction was mental, I got bench pressed by Jake SRH which was funny. Dirty Money ALWAYS get a good welcome and the best part of that set was seeing Louis BXP fly through the air in the run over frog position, use your mind to work out what it looks like. UKHC is back. It occured to me the other day, Ive been around the UK and met loads of intresting and awesome people and made some good friends through playing shows and hanging out, so if No Dice all goes to shit..what have I lost, if anything Ive gained. Though touch wood its not, and its been a turbulant time for ND but we are still going and will be back at some point!

I stood next to the dude that filmed this, and if he caught what my eyes did you'll get an idea of how crucial this show was.

I bought a sweet Box cap off Graham Money, for an even sweeter price too. Its a skate brand to me and im not a streetwear kid, so fuck off, im sticking around.

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Dirty Money..nuff said.

Also Skateboarding is hands down better than everything else (Bar the GF)