Thursday, February 5, 2009

Eye Gougers

First of we have a pretty poor representation of UKHC, it makes a few good and pretty obvious points, but it misses out a lot of other types of hardcore bands and mainly just focuses on London's Rucktion bands, and if i watched this not knowing a single thing about hardcore in England i would assume all British hardcore bands sounded like the ones shown in the video. So it should have been called 'London Hardcore'. It misses out hardcore and punks bands like Stamping Ground (They are used in the soundtrack but I think they should of at least focused on that and not the making of Bun Dem Outs 'ground breaking' record) Napalm Death and Discharge, which to me would of been more correct examples of the hardcore punk movement in Britain. It even completly forgot about later bands like On Thin Ice, Abandon ship and even NCF, and thats pushing it! UKHC as a name for the movie suggest the whole entire country loves this style of hardcore, which most people i know dont.

Theres always going to be the on going thing of metal fans hating on hardcore kids for liking Napalm Death, argueing that they are a Death Metal band and in no way are they influenced by American hardcore or punk bands, well hopefully some of this will clear that up. Fuck ignorant metal fans!

Napalm Death - Thrash To Death PT: 1

Napalm Death - Thrash To Death PT: 2


I can see myself playing air guitar to this when im about 40-50 and having my daughther bring her boyfriend home for the first time, and stumbling into the front room whilst im on my knees playing the solo and using the sofa to preform amazing drum fills and having the dog on back up vocals.

Fuck it, if he cant deal with that, then he cant have my daughters snatch to fill. Gutted!

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