Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hardcore Lives!

It seems to me that the UKHC has pulled its head out of the Earth and remembered how good hardcore was and still is. Though it still has its downers and kids whos hearts arnt all in it, some of us are still loving it. The last few shows ive been too have been fucking great and more and more people are putting on shows, making zines and starting bands and it could'nt be better. With so many kids swaping their records for wax jackets and back issues of Vice, for a while it was a worry that it would never surface again. Its good to still see some of us out there that give a crap.

So more and more of us are getting that feeling you get just behind your ribs and above your stomach when we think about good shows and new records. That is you getting excited about hardcore, again, possibly...but better if you never went off it.

Worthy mentions -

Dead Swans sign to Bridge Nine
No Dice/Sex Dungeon split tape out March
Cold Snap have a new track up on Myspace

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