Thursday, November 12, 2009

Where's my brain?

I, once again got slack, I dont mean to and I still got love for it. Recent times have been real hectic right now, in a positive way. I got a new job, new perspectives and a load of other shit. Speaking of shit...

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We decided to call it a day, there are many reasons why, but I wont go into them now.
A thank you list will be made so we can thank the appropriate people who helped us out and gave us oppertunities to play shows, this will come all in due time. So anyone who knows us or the band will know about our unfortunate non exsistent record release, total bummer. We will be doing something in 2010 so keep checking back for updates if you are intrested. Instead of keeping these recorded tracks a secret we decided in the end to just give them out. So help yourselves...

NO DICE 2007 - 2009 - TOM SAGGS (7")

There was artwork for this but Whitemare rinsed it from us, no hard feelings though, they fucking shred like kings of GNAR. Introductions.mp3 Aint That Rich.mp3 Eighteen.mp3 Heaven And Dirt.mp3 Curses.mp3

This aint over..

As you can see I couldnt put this into one file because a certain upload sight was giving me ' shit', Quote Shawshank. Dont tell me you dont know that quote? Films rad.

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