Monday, November 30, 2009

Fuck rain, fact.

Its rained everyday this month, so on my days off I've been lurking on Youtube watching everything from cute animals and skateboarding(standard) and gore montages. I need a Winter hobby, I'm over Warhammer (for now) books are always good but I'm too active. Brighton needs a good indoor park, or a good indoor spot that isn't flat ground. Don't get me wrong, Ill make do but there's only so many games of skate you can have and I live too far out of town to bring down my flat bar to the indoor car park. 'Sucks living in suburbia. I'm not knocking Shoreham park either but great planning guys open a skate park up in fucking December, nice one! But Im happy we've got something. Bring on Summer 2010 so we can skate it safely knowing rain is hopefully a distant memory. It's far away but I'm hyped on summer 2010, garms be out for the strut. Crucial.

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